Friday, February 24, 2012

WMCCE Award sponsored by University of Wolverhampton

I had the pleasure on Thursday 23rd February of going to the Deanery at University of Wolverhampton to film Prof. Rob Moreton, Dean, Professor of Information Systems at the School of Technology talking about his and the University's enthusiasm for sponsoring the West Midlands Constructing Excellence Awards 2012 - Innovation Award.
Rob stood on the balcony of the Deanery, above the noisy mill of students below him, talking to camera, watched by his colleagues in the Deanery itself.
The noise below presented sound difficulties which were soon overcome using a microphone clipped to his tie, and recorded separately for synchronisation during the edit stage. This was the first time I had used a small battery powered LED fill in light and it worked a dream.
We use Sony Vegas Pro 11 for film editing which, after you get to know it, is easy to use and never ceases to surprise when it reveals yet something else it can do.
Enjoy the short film at

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