Sunday, December 30, 2012

Looking Back at 2012 - Our First Year!

Hardy Productions UK started officially in April 2012 although our cameras had been filming for a year before that, supporting an organisation in the West Midlands called the WMCCE where Michael Thompson worked part time as an Executive Advisor. Moving from the Construction Industry after 45 years into the filming and production industry was quite a move! Michael had filmed a few weddings during his time, first using VHS tape (the technical quality? Oh dear!) and later moving to high definition video about 4 years ago. So the move to filming and production was in fact a natural one.

Nigel Anderson came on the scene also having had filming experience over a number of years, with a very creative "bent". He has great imagination and when he can, likes to introduce it into his films. He is also an adept still photographer.

We have been fortunate during 2012 and have had fun also! As a small independent enterprise in Chorlton, to the south and west of Manchester, we have made a number of films both for the community, unpaid, and for commercial organisations, paid. We love the mix, and also the challenge, preferring to make unique ("one off") films rather than too many of the same.

One of the highlights of our year was the filming of Cameron Foster - A Phoenix Rising, a 15 minute documentary on a young man of 17 who as a result of an accident when he was 9, has raised a considerable amount of money for charity. We were grateful for the support of Brian Blessed, Freddie Flintoff and many others during the making of this film.

We have had enormous fun working with Strider ("Join the Balance Bike Revolution") at the National Cycling Centre. We have worked with The Vintage Home Show at Victoria Baths, Manchester, with Sports Travel International at Bolton Wanderers, and with many others.

So where will 2013 take us?

We are looking for more challenges, and we are looking for the development of a film making alliance in the North West of England where small independent enterprises like ourselves can work together and take on productions which one enterprise alone could not do. So far, we have worked with Freezeframe Productions and Tristan Mayer.

Here is to 2013!

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