Monday, December 3, 2012

A Multicamera Conference Event

It is 11o'clock on a Thursday morning and we have arrived complete with equipment for the filming of a Conference Event in Central Manchester. Our client has asked us to film 9 people discussing various subjects around a conference table, and so far as possible, make it look natural. We have two and a half hours of filming ahead of us, with three operated High Definition cameras and a small static HD camera set up on a tripod looking across the proceedings (the still seen here is from that camera). In addition to the cameras is our portable 4 channel digital sound recorder attached to 4 microphones mounted on the conference table.

It is actually quite difficult with an event like this to prevent the filming from taking over completely, but fortunately, only once, near the beginning did we have to bring the proceedings to a grinding halt and start again. Some of the invitees couldn't be seen at all by the centrally positioned camera.

We could ask for nothing more from the performance of our client and their invitees who attended the session. They were excellent! They maintained a natural air all the way through and must have been just as tired as our three camera operatives by the finish!

The filming went smoothly and soon we had 8 hours of film "in the can" - actually on MiniDV Tape and on SD cards.

Having completed the session and also recorded some interviews, it was time to take our film back to the editing suite, and to start work synchronizing four camera sound tracks and a further 4 microphone soundtracks, so that they all sounded as one and maintained a stereophonic sound image. Actually, once synched, we don't bother too much about the camera sound tracks, and turn them down or even off altogether if there is sufficient input from the main microphones!

Then the editing begins in earnest. You have to select which camera output is used where and for how long so that the resulting film looks natural. The beauty of using 4 cameras is that you have so much to choose from when editing!

The results? The Client is pleased and the 7 short films of the event will be released for public viewing early in 2013.

Our thanks go to Reading Room Manchester for hosting the event and being our Client, and to Tristan Mayer for providing camera operator support to us. And lastly, we would like to thank Freezeframe Productions for their association with us on this production.

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