Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Strider British Balance Bike Championships 2013

Merton BMX Track
The Strider British Balance Bike Championships have started for 2013 with the first of the events at the Merton BMX Track on Sunday 5th May 2013.
We at Hardy Productions UK are proud to have been asked to film all of the Championship events for Strider this year.
Ashton Heron winning the competition for the 3 year olds
Competing at Merton BMX Track were over 100 children (ages between 2 and 5) on their Balance Bikes. Winner of the 3 year olds was Ashton Heron who is the reigning UK Champion who went to Florida last October to represent the UK in the World Cup championships. Will he be there again next October?
We have completed a first rush (preview) for the press of the Merton event and this can be found on Strider's YouTube Channel.
The full version of the Merton event can also be found by clicking here.
There are four other events in June (Gosport), July (Gravesend), August (Birmingham) and September (Manchester, including the finals). You can find more information on this at www.strideruk.org.

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