Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Cry England!" - Filming complete and Post Production well advanced

It has been quite a long time in the making, but filming for Nigel Anderson's "Cry England!" was completed earlier this week, approximately 4 months after it started, and now post production is well advanced.
"This is a story between two families. It is a story of mystery, love, intrigue and revenge." 
The trailer can now be seen on YouTube.
This is our first drama, and it is a first for many of the actors and crew taking part in the filming. We are all learning our way, but don't get us wrong, we are taking the production very seriously indeed, and we believe that this is paying off. It has meant that on more than one occasion, it has been necessary for us to go back and re-film a scene where it didn't really work the first time, for various reasons, camera angles, sound interference and so on.
This may sound grandiose, but we are hoping to publish the film next month, not on the internet to start off with, but at various locations around the Manchester area, initially. It is not a long film at just under 40 minutes, but we think it has an interesting story to tell. It is in High Definition, so we are looking for venues which can project it in that format.
For those involved in the making, it is project of opportunity. Many of the actors and crew have aspirations to work in the film and media industry. Some just have aspirations to work. All will have copies of the film for their own use when marketing themselves to potential employers or for potential opportunities. We may be biased, but we think the level of acting in the filming is excellent!
We would like to think of this as a community project, particularly in the Chorlton-cum-Hardy area of Manchester. As part of this, it is our hope that we will find opportunity when exhibiting the film to collect money for charity.
So if you are in the Manchester area, look out for "Cry England!" and if you can, go and see it.
Release, hopefully will be in September or October 2013.

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