Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Cry England! - the final edit

Three screens side by side
The final edit for "Cry England!" is over, and the film has been made ready for its first public viewing in front of an invited audience on 14th November 2013. This is what the film looks like in the Sony Vegas Pro 12 editing suite, across three computer screens, from beginning to end (the end being at 36 minutes and 30 seconds).
Enlargement of centre screen

It doesn't look much although you can see all of the scenes marked on the time line, the surround sound positioning for one of the sound tracks.
The picture is so wide that you can't see too much of the detail, but suffice it to say, every single scene has been put together elsewhere, rendered and then put into this final assembly. It is at this final stage that we have put in any visual effects that affect the whole scene, such as colouring for the flashbacks and dream scenes.
The left hand screen with the titles on it is the preview of the final film, complete with the 2.39:1 format (black bands top and bottom). The right hand screen shows an unedited preview of the first funeral scene, before the format was changed from 16:9 and before special effects have been added.
The overall film (apart from the titles) have also been given a colour effect to make it look more cinematic, and although not visible in the picture, this is also where most of the sound effects have been added, such as a church bell, the sound of a taxi and so on.
Premiere: 14th November 2013
Chorlton Film Institute: 19th December 2013.

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