Thursday, February 20, 2014

Filming Golfing Tips

A cool winter's Friday morning saw us on the Driving Range at Marriott Worsley Park together with David Screeton, Head Golf Coach. The plan was to film several golfing tips for publication by Marriott Worsley Park and GolfMagic magazine through Sway Communications.
The question was "How should we film this to get the best angles of David's coaching?"
Originally, we had considered using two high definition cameras, one facing David, as in this picture, the other slightly to the front of him on the driving range so as to see frontal shots of him driving. However, on reflection, we did not think this would be enough, so we installed two further high definition cameras, one to the rear, and one, on the ground, directly facing his drive. Needless to say, at some stage during the filming, that ground camera (GoPro) received the full impact of the ball, when driven by one of our colleagues. Fortunately, these GoPros are very resilient and no damage was done!
The resulting films can be found, as they are published on our website Sporting Films page.

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