Thursday, July 10, 2014

Filming in 4K for Hough End Hall, Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Anyone who has been living in Chorlton-cum-Hardy and indeed, Withington or Didsbury, all in the southern part of Manchester, will be aware of Hough End Hall and the campaign by friends of the Grade 2* listed hall to find a way of buying it for the community, particularly the South Manchester Community.
Hardy Productions UK are proud to have sponsored the making of a short fund-raising film, about the campaign to buy, featuring Carolyn Kagan and Peter Topping as Friends of Hough End Hall, and Andrew Simpson, local historian.
Picture and badge, courtesy of Peter Topping
So it was that we joined with Carolyn, Peter and Andrew outside the hall on Monday lunchtime, 7th July 2014, complete with 4K video camera, sound and lighting. Inevitably, as always seems to be the case on such occasions, as we were about to start filming the external speaking shots, what sounded like a complete operatic aria started up in the vacant office building next door, together with the inevitable gale force wind. Why is it, when we arrive somewhere, the weather is calm, the surroundings are peaceful, but by the time we are ready to film, all hell lets loose?
Still from our film of Peter Topping and Carolyn Kagan
Having completed the externals, it was time to go inside a building which has not been occupied for some years. The agents for the building very kindly arrived with the keys and in we went. It was quiet, it was fairly dark and the alarm was beeping, to warn that its battery life was near and end. And then suddenly, before we had started filming inside, all hell let loose again as the alarm went off. Fortunately that was not for long and we were able to film relatively undisturbed.
There is not much left of the original inside of the building, sadly, but we filmed Andrew on the first floor, against some of the windows that are in a better condition.
Why is all this happening?
The building is vacant and is up for sale for £300,000, well below its value at the peak of the property boom. It would make an ideal location for the South Manchester Community, close to two metro tram stations and on one or more bus routes. It is spacious and could house all sorts of community activities as well as providing somewhere to eat, if required.
More information on the campaign can be found at and our film can be seen at on YouTube.

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