Friday, March 1, 2019

Handling the DJI Ronin-S 3-Gimbal Stabiliser

In my previous blog, I talked about the DJI Ronin-S which has made a big difference to my filming life, particularly when filming on the move.

But one of the aspects of such filming is the weight of the equipment involved, including the stabiliser itself and the various items that often have to be attached to it in addition to the camera and microphone. The additional equipment may include a 7" video monitor, sound recorder and lapel microphone sound receiver. The total weight of all of these can amount to about 6kg (13lb) which is significant if you are filming on the move for a significant amount of time, say during a continuous take of several minutes. Those arms can become very tired, although they do build up additional strength with time!

I have been testing out the DF DigitalFoto Spider Clamp Mounting Plate with Strap, designed specifically for the Ronin-S and the Crane 2. Here is a short video on the subject.

The device, consists of a Mounting Plate which is bolted to the Ronin-S and an easy to clip on strap to attach to the plate.

The strap goes over the left shoulder and back round under the right arm, securing the complete assembly to the camera operator, so that it does not fall away.

Some care needs to be taken to avoid obstructing access to the Ronin-S controls, such as the focus wheel, record button etc.

The outcome of the testing is that I am pleased with the device which does help with the problem, but as with all things, you have to become familiar with using it.