Friday, June 7, 2019

And now for something rather different

For some while now, I have been, as a member, working with the Manchester Indie Film Makers Group, a volunteer group based at Manchester Central Library, filming (no sound) in our small studio in Chorlton scenes for "Six Million Voices", about the diary of Anne Frank.

The Programme for Six Million Voices 
performed at Manchester Central Library, 1 June 2019

This film has been set to the music of Chris Williams, a local composer, who has been working on her Anne Frank project (with the knowledge and permission of the Anne Frank FRONS in Switzerland) for some years. Nigel Anderson has brought the footage and music together, much of it filmed against a green screen or a black screen, creating the appropriate backgrounds.

"Six Million Voices" was performed for the first time on 1st June 2019 in the Performance Space at Manchester Central Library in front of the Lord Mayor of Manchester and an invited audience of about 110 people. Lasting about an hour, the film was supported by a live speaker for Anne Frank's voice, Sheney Bridge (aged 12).

The whole production was received well, and now the Manchester Indie Film Makers Group is looking for other venues to perform this production, potentially in local churches, theatres and schools.